How to Increase University Students in Cities: Skylines

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How to Increase University Students in Cities: Skylines Building and managing a successful city involves more than just infrastructure and zoning. It’s about nurturing education, fostering growth, and creating a vibrant community that attracts university students. If you’re wondering how to draw more students to your educational institutions in this simulation game, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s delve into the strategies that can help you boost university enrollment and create a thriving academic hub within your city.

1. Creating a Strong Foundation: Education System

Your journey toward a bustling university starts with a solid educational foundation. A well-established elementary and high school system is crucial to nurturing the intellectual growth of your future university students. Ensure that your schools offer quality education, preparing students for their academic pursuits ahead.

2. Crafting an Alluring Campus: Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic appeal matters when it comes to attracting students to your university. Design a campus that radiates charm and allure. Incorporate lush green spaces, well-maintained landscapes, and recreational facilities such as parks and sports complexes. A beautiful campus is more likely to catch the eye of potential students.

How to Increase University Students in Cities Skylines 2
How to Increase University Students in Cities Skylines

3. Affordability Matters: Competitive Tuition Rates

Tuition fees play a significant role in a student’s decision to enroll. Competitive tuition rates can make your university more appealing, especially when compared to other institutions in your region. Strive to strike a balance between quality education and affordable costs.

4. Location, Location, Location: Desirable Area

The location of your university within your city is pivotal. Opt for a vibrant and safe area that offers easy access to amenities and transportation options. A prime location can make your university an enticing choice for students seeking both academic and lifestyle advantages.

5. Shout it Out: Effective Promotion

Promotion is key to attracting attention to your university. Utilize both online and offline platforms to spread the word about your institution’s strengths. Showcase the unique features that set your university apart and highlight why it’s a fantastic place to study.

Additional Tips for University Success:

1. Citywide Policies for Education Promotion

Implement citywide policies that enhance the appeal of your university campus. The “Education Boost” policy can elevate the attractiveness of your educational institutions. Consider the “Educational Blimp” policy, which sends a blimp around your city, promoting your university to a wider audience.

2. Building a Proficient Faculty: Hire Academic Staff

A dedicated academic staff can contribute to your university’s prestige. These professionals create academic works that attract students seeking quality education. Prioritize hiring talented faculty members who are passionate about their subjects.

3. Enhancing Accessibility: Public Transport

Ease of access is vital for a thriving university. Develop a robust public transportation system that connects your university to different parts of the city. Convenient transportation options make it more appealing for students to enroll.

4. Smart Location Choice: Avoiding Over competition

Select a location for your university where there’s minimal competition from other educational institutions. Too many universities in close proximity can dilute the student pool. Opt for an area where you can offer unique advantages without excessive rivalry.

How to Increase University Students in Cities Skylines 1
How to Increase University Students in Cities Skylines


In Cities: Skylines, expanding your city’s education sector requires careful planning and execution. By creating a strong educational foundation, designing an appealing campus, offering competitive tuition rates, choosing a desirable location, and effectively promoting your university, you can attract more students to enroll. These strategies, combined with well-considered citywide policies, a proficient faculty, accessible transportation, and strategic location choices, will contribute to a thriving university experience within your virtual city.


A2: To level up your campus, focus on enhancing education quality, improving campus aesthetics, and expanding academic offerings. Investing in faculty, infrastructure, and amenities will contribute to a higher campus level.

A3: To attract more residents, ensure the availability of basic services, efficient transportation, recreational opportunities, and a thriving economy. Creating an appealing and functional city will naturally draw more people.

A4: To increase campus attractiveness, invest in green spaces, recreational facilities, and appealing architecture. Incorporate art, culture, and community spaces that enrich the overall campus experience.

A5: Follow a multi-pronged approach by focusing on education quality, campus aesthetics, tuition affordability, desirable location, and effective promotion. Additionally, consider citywide policies, a competent faculty, accessible transportation, and careful competition management to boost university enrollment.


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